Welcome to the getup+go 30-day summer challenge – Go30!

Daily updates and more info will be posted on Facebook – but videos will also be linked here when possible so it is easy to keep track of where you are and catch up if necessary!

Before starting, please bear in mind that not all exercise routines are suitable for everyone. Consider seeking advice from your doctor before starting a new routine: this is particularly important if you are not used to being active or there is something specific that might impact on your ability to exercise (e.g. post-natal / injuries / medical conditions).

You can click here to see videos of a warm up and finishing stretches.

Day 1:

Welcome video

Diary to download

Fitness test video

Day 2:

Nutrition video

Nutrition areas document

Day 3:

Workout A printable sheet (workout takes 20-30 mins depending on how many rounds you do!)

Video showing Workout A moves

Day 4:

Positive thinking and pick your reward!

Day 5:

Workout B printable sheet

Workout B resistance video

Link to let-me-ins on Youtube by someone else

Workout B cardio video

Day 6:

Vegetables and fruit

Day 7:

Repeat Workout A – see Day 3

Day 8:

And relax….

Day 9:

Repeat Workout B – see Day 5

Day 10:

Carbs and the healthy eating plate

Day 11:

Repeat Workout A – see Day 3

Day 12:

Laughter is the best medicine

Day 13:

Repeat Workout B – see Day 5

Day 14:

Portion control – click here for tips.

Day 15:

Repeat Fitness Test – see Day 1

Day 16:

Mindful Eating – click here for exercise.