These FAQs relate only to personal training – for more information on our boot camps click here.

Hopefully we’ve managed to answer most of your questions below, but please contact Liz if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Is the first hour really free?

Absolutely – there’s no cost, whether you decide to go ahead with training or not.* The first hour gives us a chance to start getting to know each other, to find out what your goals are, and to have a chat about what you do and don’t enjoy. There’ll also be some basic admin to go through, with plenty of time left to try out some of the equipment and exercises we may use.

*Except for first sessions at the Courtyard, which are half the price of normal sessions. Click here for more details.

Where does training take place?

Either at your home, or at a convenient outdoor location such as a park – it’s your choice!

Sessions are also now available in a private room at the beautiful Courtyard Centre in Biggleswade – for further details click here.

If I’m training at home, how much space do I need?

Not much – a lot of people train in their living room, conservatory or garage. If you’re worried about it, give Liz a call to discuss.

How much does a session cost?

See our rates page – after the first hour, you can either ‘pay as you go’ or buy in bulk to save loads! Watch out for special offers too…

What happens in a session?

This depends on your goals, the available space – and what you enjoy! Liz will bring all the equipment you need to train, and will make sure the workout is personally tailored to your needs. You could be using resistance bands, balls, skipping ropes, dumbbells, boxing gear… or none of the above. We’ll sort out together what works for you.

Liz also recommends that you take advantage of getup+go’s free health and fitness testing service in one of your first sessions. Looking at measures such as blood pressure, body fat and aerobic fitness, this will allow Liz to effectively tailor your programme – and it’s also a great yardstick to assess your progress.

How long are sessions?

The prices on this website are for 60 minute sessions. However, we can arrange anything from 45 minutes to 90 minutes – contact Liz for more details.

How often should I train?

It’s entirely up to you! People often like to train once a week, but – depending on their goals – some like to train 2 or 3 times a week, while others prefer to book in once every few weeks.

When can I train?

Depending on other bookings, sessions are available Monday to Friday between 6.30am and 9pm.

Can I train if I’m pregnant / recently had a baby?

Yes – regular activity during and after pregnancy can be fun and healthy, and Liz is qualified to deal with the special exercise needs of ante- and post-natal mums. However, we will need to discuss the progress of your pregnancy and any problems you’ve had before training starts – it may also be advisable to chat to your doctor / midwife. Call Liz if you’d like to know more.

Can I train if I have an injury / medical condition?

Liz holds a GP referral qualification, which allows her to train people with certain medical conditions (e.g. diabetes). However, all clients must fill in a health questionnaire before starting training: if this raises issues you may need to check with your doctor before we start training together.

Can I train with a friend?

Yes* – and it will save you money! See our rates page for details.

* Except at the Courtyard, where only one to one sessions are currently available.

NB – more detailed terms and conditions, including getup+go’s policy regarding payment and cancellations, will be provided to you when you book your first appointment.